Is city centre living making a comeback?

During the pandemic there were many reports on people escaping cities and towns, instead opting to live in smaller villages and the countryside. Whilst this is true to some degree, it seems that city centre living post-pandemic is very much making a comeback, particularly in the North West.

The appeal of city centre living is thriving again, with an abundance of coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, museums, other leisure facilities and everyday amenities on the doorstep naturally enhancing the quality of lifestyle for individuals.

And although WFH is still very much a thing, more and more people are returning to the office looking to embrace ‘normality’ and benefit from a vibrant office setting, face-to-face meetings, networking and socialising after work.

Furthermore, with Build-to-Rent developments increasing across all cities, where communities are created, it’s easy to see why so many individuals are returning to the city centre. Lifestyle is key; being able to live in a stunning apartment that provides a selection of amenities and enjoy all that a city centre has to offer literally on the doorstep is a real pull factor, particularly for young professionals.

Cities are exciting and ever-changing. They are interesting too, with so much to do and see. So, while the sanctuary of suburbs and rural settings will undoubtedly be the preferred choice for some, the convenience, charm and character of a city centre remains in huge demand.

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